Ivy panel

"Living, evergreen wall, instantly, anywhere - Ivy panel"

Advantages of ivy wall:

  • quick to install: On-site installation of the panels does not require special expertise, it is easy and quick to implant the ivy wall on site.
  • requires minimal care: In addition to irrigation, the panels require pruning and shearing twice a year. The plant does not exceed the installed height without pruning.
  • long life: Due to the fact that amber is a very long-lived plant, it can live up to 100 years, the installed panels retain their original shape for a long time. Due to their evergreen properties, they decorate the garden beautifully in all seasons.
  • environmentally friendly: Like living hedges, the ivy wall simultaneously produces oxygen, protects the accommodation from dust, has air purifier, noise protection, noise attenuation and anti-allergenic properties. With these features, it specifically promotes the creation of a healthy microenvironment.
  • safe: The 5 mm thick galvanized, spot-welded mesh, which forms the frame of the panels, resists corrosion, so the fence wall can remain stable for many decades. If planted in the soil, the fence will also protect the garden from unwanted visitors (stray dogs, wild animals) or just keep our pet inside the estate. Its dense structure guarantees the intimacy of our yard.
  • aesthetic: The ivy wall fits almost any structure, be it modern or minimalist. The panels beautifully decorate the yard, delight the eye and provide a close-to-nature experience for city dwellers as well.

Ivy panel application forms:

  • for the fence: The panels installed in the fence line are excellent for an existing fence or are suitable for creating a completely new fence.
  • for dividers: They are a natural solution for balconies, terraces, garden areas of catering units to ensure personal space and comfort. 
  • for carport: Using 10 panels and a roof bracing accessory, an ECO garage can be created, even without ground contact.
  • for pavilion:Up to 5m x 5m pavilion can be created using 8 panels and roof reinforcement accessories.
  • for covering the trash bin: Garbage containers, bins and less aesthetic surfaces are also suitable for covering.

Ivy panel dimensions:

  • width: 120 cm
  • height: 185 cm
  • thickness: 15cm

The ivy panel can be installed in soil or in a pot: the panels can be planted directly in the soil for approx. at a depth of 15-20 cm. If installation in the ground is not possible, the panels can also be placed in pots, in wooden or metal planting crates, in any color.

Recommended pot size: 130cm X 30cm X 25cm

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Physiological effects of ivy panel:

Nowadays, it is important not only to preserve, but to create a new green environment, plant trees, thus improving the quality of our lives. The closeness of nature also affects our mood and well-being. The evergreen ivy wall made of natural plants also contributes greatly to this:

  • the ivy panel produces 45 liters of oxygen per day.
  • it reduces the number of headache complaints by 40%.
  • Reduces fatigue by 21%.
  • protects against harmful solar radiation, and even plants sequester harmful carbon dioxide in the air, so they also have the power to clean the air.
  • absorbs 70% of harmful solar radiation, making summer heat more pleasant.
  • it provides more humid, fresher air that improves the microclimate of our garden.
  • it protects the building from hitting rain, from frost and it is able to absorb some of the urban dust.
  • thanks to the foliage, some of the leaves absorb the sound waves and some reflect them, thus significantly reducing noise pollution.