Gardening and ivy panels that define our everyday lives

For more than a decade, we have been making garden areas a family and eco-friendly place to relax. Garden construction and garden design have been among the services of our company since the very beginning. We started our activity in Szentes, Csongrád County, in 2004, and since then we have expanded our services to the entire territory of the country, and we even receive orders from across the border.We undertake the preparation of landscape and garden architecture licensees and construction plans with a short deadline, we plan the environment according to the customer's needs, be it private, industrial, municipal or public. In addition to planning, of course, we also take part in gardening, and in the future you can even count on the expertise of our employees in garden maintenance. In addition to the care of private gardens, we are also happy to be available to local governments and companies in environmental planning tenders.

Our main profile is focused on the construction of the ivy panel, which also has an aesthetic appearance and a number of positive physiological effects. In addition to installing an ivy panel , we can also undertake simpler work, such as laying lawn bricks, planting plants aesthetically and practically, creating a rock garden, creating garden ponds, but we can also find solutions for dry summer days by installing an automatic or drip irrigation.

Our motto has not changed for more than 10 years:

We make your dreams come true in the garden without compromise!

We use only and exclusively qualified gardeners, horticultural engineers and technicians in our work, as this is the basis for quality and long-term work. We also undertake a multi-year guarantee for garden construction, we always try to plan and bring to life the ideas of our customers in such a way that it can withstand the tests of the capricious weather every day of the year.

The founder and manager of our company studied and graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest, and using his professional and economic knowledge there, he can put the best offers in front of the customer, even with several options.


The reliability of our products is also indicated by the fact that we deliver nursery plants to countless nurseries. Our biggest reference is the hedgehog labyrinth, which is also unique in Europe. Its walls meander for 3 and a half kilometers, depicting the famous Wonder Deer and other special Hungarian legends. We even designed a 138-wooden number warfare in the maze and created a willow braid that would form a belt buckle from the time of the conquest within the maze.

  • Szentes Kossuth tér engedély és kiviteli terve, 2002
  • Szentes átkelési szakasz kertépítészeti terve, 2005
  • Szentes Tisza-VOLÁN buszpályaudvar kertépítészeti terve, 2005
  • Forráskút főtér engedély és kiviteli terve, 2005
  • Szegvár piac tér kiviteli terve, 2003
  • Csongrádi Aranysziget tanulmányterve, 2005
  • Szikszó élményfürdő kertépítészeti terve, 2004
  • ÉV KERTJE nívódíj pályázat 2005- kiemelt díj
  • ÉV KERTJE nívódíj pályázat 2006- elismerő oklevél

Many of our works have been published by magazines: MI OTTHONUNK, SZÉP LAK, ÁLOMKERT etc.