Hajdankert garden design and garden construction

We are building the garden of your dreams!

Our main field of activity is garden design and related garden architecture services. Our goal is to make private and municipal gardens and parks more beautiful.
Choose the services of Hajdankert Kft. for the courtyard of your dreams or for the construction of nicely designed green parts of the city!

Garden designing

 Designed individually for you!

Rendelkezésre állunk meglévő kertje szépítése, átépítése esetén, vagy ha az alapoktól kezdve szüksége van álmai udvarának megtervezésére.

The goal of our personalized service is to design a garden in your home that expresses the personality of its owner, faithfully reflecting the harmony with the other structures in the yard. When designing a garden, it is extremely important that the garden is practical and that the plants are ideally placed to adapt to the weather conditions. If this is met, your garden will function properly in addition to providing an aesthetic look.

Before starting garden designing, it is worth considering several questions in order not to regret your decision and where to invest your money after construction:

  • are the terrain conditions appropriate and compatible with the dreamed garden?
  • do you want to decorate with special exotic plants to your yard? Are they able to survive the weather conditions where the plants they were plant?
  • even if there is a small child in the family, the plants are safe and do not cause allergies to family members
  • do you need fencing, mole nets to protect plants from animals?

During the preliminary field tour and survey, our colleagues answer these questions and draw attention to the dangers and risks. Our goal is to find a solution to the problems together and satisfy every need with the best professional knowledge.

We help you design the garden of your dreams, where relaxation can be the main role!

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2, Landscape gardening

To bild a garden, no matter how simple it may seem, cries out for expertise and quality raw materials. Our long-term goal is to build gardens and parks in private and municipal areas that are timeless, practical, but also spectacular.

How do we help to design a garden?

  • gardening processes are preceded by weed removal, bush clearing, review of existing vegetation, relocation and pruning if necessary.
  • in the course of our service, we provide good quality arable land that contributes to meeting the ideal nutrient needs of plants.
  • we take care of the professional planting of the planted plants in the most suitable place for them.
  • on request, we are also available for the installation and laying of artificial grass. Artificial grass is an increasingly widely accepted and popular evergreen lawn rug, and the types we sell meet the highest demands.
  • we offer an immediate solution to any problems that may arise, tailored to your wishes.

Let's build your long-planned garden together!
Get the help of our team of experts to build your practical and timeless garden into your home with outstanding expertise!

Upon request, we can also help with garden care after garden construction.

In addition to the planning and construction of private gardens, we undertake the renovation of public, institutional and municipal parks and the creation of green space.